3BM Labs is changing the way Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Manufacturers design and build buildings.

Digital Fabrication

We automate 3D detail engineering and manufacturing of construction-related products and semi-finished products.

Software Development

Develop add-ons, tools, interfaces and database structures.

Computational BIM

We use algorithms to automate the next generation of buildings and make them manufacturable and affordable. To do this, we use Revit and Dynamo, among other tools.

Optimisation and Machinelearning

We use the latest techniques such as optimization and machine learning in the detail engineering of building products.

Smartindustry 4.0

We apply the mentioned techniques to our clients.

Who we are?

3BM Labs is changing the way Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Manufacturers design and build buildings. 3BM Labs arose naturally in 2018 as a start-up from engineering firm 3BM by Piet and Maarten. Within several clients within our engineering firm, a demand arose for automated design and optimization using computer algorithms.

Our Team

3BM Labs' team consists of structural and construction engineers with relevant experience in the Construction, ICT, BIM world and in the field of BIM implementation.

Jonathan van der Gouwe



Maarten Vroegindeweij


Structural (concrete) engineer // Programmer //3D modeler // Open Source and Dynamo Addict // Blogger // Entrepreneur // Consultant and BIM modeler since 2006 // Self-employed since 2009 // In spare time carpenter

Piet Mol


Experienced Architectural Modeler // Programmer // 3D modeler // Entrepreneur // Consultant and BIM modeler since 2008 // Self-employed since 2012 // Extensive experience in contracting // Specialization in Natural Stone Facades // Computer floors //

Apprenticeship or the like.

Are you an MBO/HBO or university student interested in doing an internship or graduation at 3BM Labs? Welcome! We have a whole pile of great ideas and project plans for you to work on in collaboration with our young dynamic team.


CLT woning


Digital Fabrication

Natuursteen Engineering

Open Source

3BM Labs is entirely focused on the creation of Open Source software, its implementation and also financial support of various projects. The business model is structured as follows.

Method and Vision

Our vision is that robotization will take off in the construction-related manufacturing industry. The rule-based engineering and generation of correct 3D data and parameters will become increasingly important in the construction and manufacturing industry. 3BM Labs aims to seek the position between the designers, contractor and the manufacturers and suppliers.


We have a background in construction and ICT with practical knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes to produce good working digital tools.

Open Source

All digital products realized by 3BM Labs are open source(MIT) "To share is to multiply"

Tools and Techniques

Autodesk Revit // Python // Dynamo // C# // Lumion // freeCAD// Visual Programming // Virtual Reality // 3Dscanning // Robotarmen // Wiki // Gitlab // Optimo


Text to be determined

How do you reach us?

Wattstraat 17, 3335 LV

Zwijndrecht, Nederland

Maarten & Piet

+31 78 7400 250

Ma - Vrij, 8:00-17:00